Neymar reveals Messi is in hell in Paris.

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Neymar insists that the way PSG fans treated Lionel Messi was inappropriate for the best player in the world.

Neymar da Silva Jr., Al-Hilal’s Brazilian forward. Revealed to ‘Globo Esporte’ that both he and Lionel Messi had a bad time. At Paris Saint-Germain, they even said they were in hell in Paris. After facing bad behavior from football fans. 

‘We are there (in Paris) to give our best and be champions. Trying to make history That’s why we started playing together again. We gathered there to make history. It’s a shame we didn’t make it.’ UFABET

Neymar also spoke about Messi, adding: ‘He went to heaven with Argentina. I’m very happy for him, but in Paris he lives in hell in my opinion He was unjustly convicted in Paris. He had a way out of that. In the football section He doesn’t deserve it.’

The 31-year-old striker is yet to make his debut with Al-Hilal due to his physical condition. Further revealing his desire to return to Santos. The first club of his career. ‘I have a desire to play for Santos again. I don’t know when. But rest assured I’ll be back.’ 

“Messi left PSG in that way. From a football point of view , he doesn’t deserve anything like that. Everything that he is, everything that he does, a lot of people know him. He is a man who trains, fights, if he loses he gets angry and gets accused unfairly.”