Roy Hodgson says victory over Wolves is ‘pleasant’

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Roy Hodgson the manager of Crystal Palace has confirmed that the 3-2 win over Wolves was “very pleasing”. Because their team isn’t playing at the level they want.

“Yes, we didn’t do well in the first half. That’s true. Wolves looked good in the first half. So it might be a little harsh to say that it’s a bad picture. Because if something happens We must take responsibility for that. We are nowhere near what we thought we could be. We came close to that in the second half. And luckily we scored some good goals. Otherwise we wouldn’t have won.”

Roy Hodgson said:

“I’m pleased with the win, pleased to get three points and finish with seven points from four matches. But I think what today showed is that we still have a lot of work to do. We still have a lot to do. And we still need to polish our game in some areas. Because if we will have form in the first half. And conceding a goal in the 96th minute from a cross. Allowing ourselves to concede two goals at home. It will be very difficult for us to get to where we want to be in the league.”UFABET 

“The players know that. They know this And I told them that sometimes you end the game in a way that you played very well. Our last home game against Arsenal I thought we played very well but we lost 0-1 and everyone said you played very well.”

“I’d rather like today. I want more today Because victory is something to rejoice in. Winning is what we are at at this level of the game. So every time you get it Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you like. It gives you something to learn. It is harder to learn from an unfortunate defeat when everyone tells you that you deserved something from the game.”