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Southgate cuts Rashford from Euro 2024.

Gareth Southgate, England national team manager Announcing the preliminary Euro 2024 squad, Marcus Rashford and Jordan Henderson dropped from this team. Southgate announced the initial team list of 33 people before cutting it down to 26 people. Without the name of Manchester United striker Rashford.

Arsenal are looking to sign a new striker.

Arsenal are looking to sign a new striker ahead of the pre-season tour, with Alexander Isak and Brian Brobbey currently the top targets. Arsenal will step up their reinforcement plans during this summer’s transfer window. According to manager Mikel Arteta, Promotion ufabet who wants to see

Fluoride coating Is it necessary for children?

Fluoride coating Is it necessary for children? Fluoride varnishes in children are very important. Because children are at risk for tooth decay easily. From liking to eat sweets and various snacks, if you don’t take care of your teeth well enough, it will cause problems with tooth decay. Parents

Understand skin – How important is skin pH?

Understand skin – How important is skin pH? Skin performs the most important job of protecting our skin from external factors that harm our skin. And the skin’s acidic-alkaline balance, or pH, is the main mechanism. The balance of the skin changes according to the external

What are introverts like?

However, the introverts personality type is just one personality trait and is not a disorder at all. This group of people can live happily in the same way as those who have. How to Other personalities that are different. Many people may think that people with this type

The key to happiness in life for Extrovert.

Extrovert is a term for the personality of someone who likes to socialize. like to talk with other people. I like to do activities where I can express my opinions among people. Cheerfulness and high self-confidence. If you are in a place where other people are with you. You