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low blood pressure by yourself like a Japanese person

Many people tend to worry about high blood pressure, forgetting that hypotension is one of the health problems that, if not taken care of, can lead to life threatening as well. come to know the cause of low blood pressure and how to take care of yourself to recover

Granola benefits that you should know before eating.

Do any of you readers like to eat granola for breakfast on a busy day? Or buy granola with you to eat as a snack? Today, Hello, Doctor, I have some good information about granola for you. Let’s see if eating a lot of granola is good

7 danger signs When you exercise “too much”

Exercise is good. But it will harm the body when exercise too much. How to observe?  Health has answers. 7 danger signs When you exercise “too much” 1. feeling tired, exhausted, not energetic 2. Reduced immunity from using too much energy in the body and not getting enough rest 3. The mood

The dangers of “muscle relaxants” if taken incorrectly

no matter what age may be at risk of muscle aches and pains Both from exercise, work, accidents, etc. Medicines that help relieve aches and pains are both oral, topical, and injectable, but the most popular and widely used because the price is not high and effective