Ziyech suffers poor tour performance takes over James free-kick.

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Hakim Ziyech the Chelsea attacker has become a target for football fans on social media. With the unattractive performance of the Champions League defeat to Dimamo Zagreb yesterday. Plus at the end of the game. It’s still vying for Reece James to score another free-kick.

Ziyech was outraged before the buy – sell market closed. Because he wanted to leave Stamford Bridge in order to find opportunities to play regularly. But that didn’t happen and had to continue to blend in.  

Even the match in which Stadion Maksimir was sent as a substitute for Cesar Azpilicueta . At the beginning of the second half. While down 0-1 hoping to help turn the situation around. But it turns out that the work is not a pie until the netizens define it as UFABET  

tweeted @Chelsea_HQ  

” The substitutes that have been replaced have performed at the worst in club history. The other teammates are not much better than the other. ” 

The 29 -year -old winger’s turmoil was shown again in the 90+6 minute when the team had a 25 -yard free kick as the right had to be James Long because he had already kissed the pole once. But the Moroccan footballers have said something that seems to cause dissatisfaction with the English defense.

Plus, close to that , Mason Mount is looking to try another ride – a situation like this that Captain Jorginho should have settled, but no leadership has been shown.  

In the end , Ziyech’s left-footed spin appeared to be as bad as it was when he was stuck against the wall without any hope.  

A series of poor games on Tuesday prompted head coach Thomas Tuchel to resume training on Wednesday as a punishment.

“ There will never be a training break. We still have to work this Wednesday, ” Tuchel said.  

“ At the moment, it is still impossible to take a break from training to resolve any existing problems. ” 

‘ Blues ‘ There are three more games to kick before the international break, which is against Fulham ( away ), Red Bull Salzburg ( home / CHPL ) and Liverpool ( home ) . )