Ferdinand believes Phil Foden added to the end of the score will be more poisonous.

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BT Sport analyst Rio Ferdinand looks to Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden. If he is armed with more goals. He would even become even more creepy than today.

Foden scored one goal in the 4-0 Champions League win over Sevilla. And was set up to play on the right-hand side. Coordinating Kevin De Bruyne and Joao Cancelo on the other side of the pitch flow.  

With the eyes of people who have experienced years of experience, ‘Ferdy ‘ dares to bet that this child has many things to expand on. Especially finding a position to finish the score. If it can be done the attack game of ‘ Blue Sails ‘ will be even more formidable UFABET.

“ If he can add the number of goals scored to his own game. This kid will be even more terrifying for your opponent. ” Ferdinand said of the nickname ‘ Stockport Iniesta ‘ .

“ Anything, whether it’s the number of goals or the number of assists. That pillow will be more complete. ” 

Since his senior debut, Phil Foden has made 47 goals , 36 assists from playing 177 games for Manchester City until he has a chance to start the England national team for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, kicking off at the end of this year.