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Guru crushed £ 75 million Fofana was burned.

Chelsea defender Wesley Fofana was slammed by BT Sport critics after his Champions League debut 1-0 defeated by underdog Dinamo Zagreb. When he made a mistake returned from Croatia. The owner of the £ 75 million fee was picked up by a brutal Champions League junior in the 13th minute of

Mbappe leads Paris 2-1 win over Juventus.

Paris Saint-Germain Three key points at home to a 2-1 win over Juventus thanks to Kylian Mbappe goal. Football Uefa Champions League Group H  PSG (France) 2 Juventus (Italy) 1 Stadium: Parc des Princes The game started 5 minutes ago, PSG took the lead 1-0 quickly,

Real Madrid of the second half beat Celtic 3-0.

Real Madrid began their mission of defending the Champions League title with a 3-0 win over Celtic with a shot in the second half. But the first half had to lose Karim Benzema. A good injured striker. Football Uefa Champions League Group F  Celtic (Scotland) 0

How to play slots games about Paytable and repayment rate.

The basic condition of slots games rules is that you have to spin the symbols in the position corresponding to the payline to get the payout. As for knowing how to play slots means. Do you understand what the conditions of this slots games are for the

Types of online slots.

The assortment of online slots can be based on a variety of criteria. For example, by the number of reels ranging from 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 reels or by the cumulative winnings games. Or as many people may have heard of as jackpot slots,

How to choose the best slot website?

After we have seen the popular slot website. Now let’s look at some techniques for choosing to play with the best web slots. By the way, we will share the following to help you save time. And join the best and quality online betting web. Licensed and

What is the Slots Payback Rate (RTP)?

Payout rate is the percentage of your chances of getting your money back on your bet. Also known as RTP (Return to Player) rate. Here we will give examples of payout rates of other types of gambling. Come up and compare them to give you a better picture. Approximately

How to play poker cards.

The rules of playing poker cards are not as difficult as you might think. Plus, it’s fun to play, think, win, and compete with other professional betting players. But for those who are new I will explain how to play poker in a way. That is easy to


As you know, online poker is a real money gambling game. That is very popular with gamblers all over the world. And today with the technology being developed continuously. Until there are computers, tablets, whether mobile phones or smartphones. It makes today’s gamblers more accessible to playing poker