Nasri defends Antoni for a reasonable price, playful in style.

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Samir Nasri an analyst with Canal Plus of France has defended the £86m (€100m) price tag for Manchester United striker Antoni.

Antony has just been hit by English guru Gary Neville of Sky Sports Camp. To not show his style of possession of the ball to tempt his opponent again. In order to keep the body from having to be severely extract.  

However, in the corner of former Arsenal / Man City midfielder Nasri. What the 22 – year-old does is a charm that should be preserved. Which the reason for the ‘Red Devils’ team is because of the selling point there too  UFABET

 I saw his performance from last year on the CHP stage. That doctor is one of my favorites . Personally, I really like that guy. ” Nasri’s comments

 He’s a techie , always trying to take risks. I’ve heard a lot of people say that the price is too high. It’s a frantic purchase – but I don’t think this is the case. ”  

 Since Antoniis a player with possessions has return to work with the manager of a team that knows each other well. ” 

” Remember Ousmane Dembele’s arrival at Barcelona for € 120 million. Having just made his name playing for Rennes and Dortmund ? 

 Personally, I see that the usual Anthony is the price of a quality player in this era. You have to follow the water. ” 

 Tiger Antoni has not been taught by the England defender wrongly with Richarlison. Another Spurs show-boil Brazilian who shows off his voluptuous possession. Was whip to lie down to measure the grass. The game has found Forest .