How to play poker cards.

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The rules of playing poker cards are not as difficult as you might think. Plus, it’s fun to play, think, win, and compete with other professional betting players. But for those who are new I will explain how to play poker in a way. That is easy to understand. So that you can join in the fun and enjoy at the same time. How will it be?

The principle of this game is You have to make poker cards in your own hand. get the highest score You will be the winner or? If you have a low card in your hand can beat other players. With a bluff or stealing chickens from other professional players!! We would like to divide it into sections. UFABET 

So that the reader can easily understand as follows:

1 We have to choose the dealer first. in which the dealer will be the chosen player but will not be dealing with cards But the dealer will be the last person to place a bet.

2 Player SB (Small Blind) is a player sitting to the left of the dealer. will be bet half of player BB

3 Player BB (Big Blind) is the player in the second position from the left of the dealer. must be stabbed in full

4 Start dealing cards. Must start dealt from SB players first. Clockwise sequence, 1 card each, then 1 more card is dealt until everyone receives 2 cards as a hole card.

5 The first two cards each player receives are known as Hole Cards and only the owner of the card has the right to see their own hole cards.

6 start betting With the player can decide by matching the cards in their own hand. and middle cards to have the highest points

7 The person who will be placed first is the person next to BB, who can choose whether to play or crouch. (The squat has its advantages. We don’t have to pay But at the end of the game, we won’t get the bet either)

8 If the next player sees that the card is good can choose to bet on a higher amount and other players Must increase the money equal to the person who placed the highest bet. will be able to play in the next round.

So that the reader can easily understand as follows:

9 When more than 2 people bet in that round, the dealer will deal 3 middle cards called Flop.

10 And When 3 cards are exposed. The first person to play is SB (but if SB is already folded, the next person on the left will start first), just like number 7, you can choose to fight or check. Let’s see. The next card can be played or Raise to increase the bet. Or squat since then in order not to waste more money (But the money that was previously bet will be consider lost as well)

11 When the game is complete and there are still more than 2 people left. The middle card will be open to add 1 more card for us to continue to fight.

12 You’ve finish playing and there are more than 2 people left. The community card will be open 1 more card as the last card. In this round we will have to place bets for the last time.

13 when it’s over And there are still more than 2 people left. Everyone who has to show their cards. If a person’s card has the highest sum from both the central. And the upper hand will receive all the middle prize money.

14 But if the poker cards of two players come out with the same points. and have the same controller. The middle money will be divide equally.