Guru crushed £ 75 million Fofana was burned.

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Chelsea defender Wesley Fofana was slammed by BT Sport critics after his Champions League debut 1-0 defeated by underdog Dinamo Zagreb. When he made a mistake returned from Croatia.

The owner of the £ 75 million fee was picked up by a brutal Champions League junior in the 13th minute of the game. Because he was pushed up to half the pitch and was countered by Mislav Orcic. But picked up the ball, snatched it through the face, slipped it alone and shone through. Ket’s hand Pa Arrizabalaga is decisive .

The timing was a mistake by both Fofana, who was slow to move. And team-mate Kalidou Koulibaly, who headed the ball out of focus was severely punished UFABET 

Former Blues striker Joe Cole 282 matches told.  

” Bruno Petkovic headed Orcic and scored a good goal. But Kalidou deserved a better first move than that. ” 

“ Fofana was in the wrong position to deal with Orcic, who had been a stumbling block for the English team throughout the game last night. He finished sharply. ” 

Then Peter Crouch shook his head with the Frenchman defender who looked under fit.

” If I were the head coach, he would be very angry about conceding goals. ” added the 2007 Champions League runner-up striker .

“ Even though Chelsea have every advantage in hand. They deserve to be ahead of Zagreb first , and personally see it as a personal mistake to deal with. ” 

“ They weren’t decisive enough in the last stroke. And then the locals are still supported. There is a periodic retaliation. create more danger to the frontier. ” 

ending with Martin Keown, a former England international centre-back, who was puzzled by the meekness of the expensive defensive line.

“ It’s unbelievable ! Because I think with the acceleration at Fofana it has to catch up with Orcic . ”

” Think instead of Thomas Tuchel who saw such a moment. He would be confused as well – how could you let an opponent score a goal like that ! “

Defensive games Chelsea have a clear problem in the 2022-23 season. Because if the opening match of the season defeated Everton 1-0. Then 6 matches in all competitions without a clean sheet.