What should I eat if I have diarrhea? Foods you should eat when you have diarrhea.

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For those who are wondering what they should eat when they have diarrhea. You may consider choosing to eat the following types of food. This may help relieve diarrhea.

1. White rice

When diarrhea occurs You should choose to eat white rice over brown rice or rice made from other grains because white rice has a small amount of dietary fiber and our bodies can digest white rice more easily than brown rice. Therefore, it may help to make your stomach more comfortable UFABET

2. Banana

Banana is a fruit that is bland and easily digested. Bananas also contain starch that can help absorb water in the intestines. Therefore causing the stool to harden. And helps relieve diarrhea. In addition, bananas contain a large amount of the mineral potassium. Eating bananas can also help replace minerals that the body loses due to diarrhea.

3. Bland food that is easily digested

People with diarrhea should mainly eat soft food that is bland and easily digested. Because these foods will not cause additional irritation in the stomach. You should choose to eat foods that have little dietary fiber. And choose to eat low-fat protein such as egg whites and skinless chicken breasts.  or lean fish meat Examples of recommended dishes are egg white porridge, fish porridge, and chicken breast soup.

4. Probiotics 

Probiotics  contain microorganisms that are beneficial to the intestines. It helps kill bad bacteria that cause diarrhea. And helps create a balance of good microorganisms in the intestines. Therefore, it can help relieve symptoms. Examples of recommended probiotics include low-fat yogurt, kefir  , kombucha  , and kimchi.