7 danger signs When you exercise “too much”

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Exercise is good. But it will harm the body when exercise too much. How to observe?  Health has answers.

danger signs When you exercise “too much”

1. feeling tired, exhausted, not energetic

2. Reduced immunity from using too much energy in the body and not getting enough rest

3. The mood is not bright, not cheerful because they see exercise as something that needs to be “must do” and pressure yourself to do it. Rather than looking at relaxation

4. I can’t sleep. I have something to think about. or restless mind The body is awake all the time.

5. Mood swings, instability, more irritability

6. Aches and pains all over the body. or only the hard exercise part and parts that are worn or injured It has not been healed or repaired.

7. Excessive Thirst more and more tired until it might be fainting

Penalty of exercising too much

1. The body is abnormal. not fully grown or stop growing

2. Good appearance But the internal body system is disturbed, such as lack of menstruation uneven The internal organs in the body work abnormally.

3. In case of eating protein or whey protein along with exercise If the nutrition is not controlled to be balanced. May cause the body to lack nutrients. Getting too much protein can cause the liver and kidneys to work hard.

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