Understand skin – How important is skin pH?

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Understand skin – How important is skin pH?

Skin performs the most important job of protecting our skin from external factors that harm our skin. And the skin’s acidic-alkaline balance, or pH, is the main mechanism.

The balance of the skin changes according to the external environment such as pollution, temperature, and chemicals. Therefore products are necessary to maintain the pH balance of the skin. To act as a shield to protect the skin from external factors that harm the skin.

The pH balance of the skin is approximately 4.7 and 5.75.
pH 7 is pure water. That is why values ​​below pH 7 are considered acidic and values ​​above are considered alkaline. Therefore, the skin is acidic. And has a natural skin barrier that has a water part, Hydrolipid film, covering the outer layer of the skin.

pH levels vary according to gender, age, and different parts of the body. Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Why is pH important?

The of the skin plays an important role. Helps maintain softness of the skin. and protects the skin from bacteria and fungi.

If the value is alkaline The skin’s natural protective barrier is destroyed. cause water loss and dry and damaged skin This is because the outer layer of skin cannot function as a barrier to protect the skin. Makes the skin sensitive and easily irritated

What affects the pH?

External and internal factors affect the pH of the skin.

External factors

  • Temperature and weather changes
  • Pollution and dust
  • Washing and cleaning your skin too often
  • chemicals in cosmetics

Internal factors

Gender, age and hormones affect the level of the skin.

The pH level of women’s and men’s skin is different. Most of the time, men have a lower pH than women. Because men’s skin produces more sebum than women’s.

Newborn babies’ skin has a high between 6.5 and 5.5 because the skin’s natural protective barrier has not yet been formed. The pH changes due to hormonal changes at different stages of life.

Skin products can help maintain the balance by enhancing cell turnover. Enhances the function of the skin’s natural protective barrier.